Protecting your building now and into the future

When an owners corporation is managed inefficiently, the residents and the overall maintenance of the building suffers. We can stop the damage and restore your owners corporation to a positive and thriving position.

Auditing Services

Comprehensive Owners Corporation Management Reviews

One of the first things we do to assist an established committee is undertake a comprehensive OC health check of your building. This will include a full review of the building’s financials, it’s contracts and agreements as well as the short term and long term objectives of the committee.
Transition Guidance

A simple pathway to a better future

Once you have made the decision to transition to a new owner’s corporation management company, Melcorp Strata can provide you with a clear and simple pathway to follow. We have assisted owners’ committees in the past and have a thorough working knowledge of the Victorian strata legislation and how it applies in this respect.
View our 5 step transition guide
Sam Matarazzo
“Melcorp have a very collaborative approach and are a wealth of information when it comes to Strata Management. They have made valuable recommendations which have improved the quality and liveability of our unique building.”
Sam Matarazzo
Prima Tower, Owners Corporation Chairperson
Committee Consultation

Intimate knowledge of your building

It is important for us to meet with all of the main stakeholders including committee members and the building manager. We will attend regular site visits to establish an intimate knowledge of the building and its community. We can then work together with you to formulate a new and improved plan for the management of your building.
Our Commitment To You

Immediate start

Once appointed, Melcorp Strata will get started immediately. Whether the goal is to restore your building to a positive financial position, rationalize inefficient contracts or bring harmony to a fractured committee, your dedicated Melcorp Strata Owners Corporation Manager will provide you with their full attention from day one.

Owners Corporation Meeting Behaviors

Owners Corporation meetings can often be a complex situation to manage. Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and trouble free process.

Request a proposal

If you would like a personalised proposal detailing how we can assist you with your owners corporation management requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.