Preparing your property for sale


If you’re thinking of selling your property then you’ll want it to look its very best before you contact a good real estate agency. With a little bit of effort and some simple repairs and upgrades you can dramatically improve the look and value of your property for minimal costs.

Here are our top tips on how to prepare your home for sale:

Spring clean and remove clutter

A clean home will allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your property rather than being distracted by dust and dirt. Ensure you clean everything from top to bottom including the walls, floors, bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, kitchen, windows and doors.

Clear away any clutter and personal items you have lying around – this will make your home feel spacious and tidy.

Don’t forget any outside areas, clean away rubbish and leaves from the entrance, remove cobwebs and sweep the floors. If you have a balcony give it a good sweep and if you have a garden mow the lawn, get rid of weeds and prune any overgrown plants.


Repair any damages

Simple repairs won’t cost a lot of money and will prevent larger problems from developing. Fix any chipped tiles, leaky taps or loose floorboards. A coat of paint will instantly freshen up a space and eliminate dirty walls.

If you have dated fixtures and fittings, a simple swap to a contemporary style will give an instant lift to a tired space.


Improve the lighting

Try to increase the natural light in your home as this will make your rooms feel spacious and airy. Consider changing your window dressings or removing them altogether, and don’t forget to clean your windows – you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

If you have any dark areas in your house you could add some feature lighting or task lamps which will brighten up the space and give your room a nice ambiance.

Professionally stage your property

Enlist the help of a professional property stylist who will look at your home through a buyer’s eyes. They will clear away unnecessary furniture and style your place to maximise the space you have. Often a stylist will have new ideas with the way your property can be displayed. We work with Twostyle who can style your home for sale and showcase its best features.

Before – without furniture and styling


Professionally styled by Twostyle




Use colour to your advantage

Small pops of colour can add interest and complement your décor. Use cushions and throws to add texture and colour, but don’t overdo it. Avoid any large bold feature walls – it’s best to keep to a neutral palette so as to not detract from the space.

Add some fragrances

Often, it’s the scent of a property that buyers will notice first. If you have pets you will need to air the house out and thoroughly clean all soft furnishings and floors. Try not to cook any strong-smelling food and invest in some nice candles, air fresheners or a scented diffuser.

Use plants and flowers

Bring nature in and add some freshness to your space. Plants and flowers will add life to a tired room and introduce a pop of colour to a plain room. You can also use beautiful pots to enhance your interiors. If you don’t have time to look after plants then try faux foliage – which look just as good and have no maintenance required.


Professional photography

If you are serious about showing your property’s best side then invest in some professional photography. A professional property photographer will know how best to style and shoot your home to maximise its selling potential. Properties that are professionally photographed can sell up to 50% faster and nearly 40% closer to the original listing price than similar homes without professional photos.


Don’t be hesitant to spend money on your home before a sale. The costs are usually minimal and any changes can enhance and increase your property’s potential value.


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