Finding it hard to purchase your first home? Co-ownership might be your answer


Desperate to get into the property market? One way you can get the funding needed to buy a home is by teaming up with your parents, family or friends to jointly buy a property and finally break out of the rent cycle.

Co-ownership is when two people share ownership of a property. This allows multiple purchasers to borrow on one property using separate loans.

There are two ways you can buy a house in tandem with your parents/family or friends; you can be tenants-in-common or joints tenants.

Tenants-in-common is the more popular arrangement as it allows you to divide ownership of the property in whatever way you like, such as 60/40 or 70/30. Under this ownership structure, if one party dies, their share of the property is passed on according to the terms of their will.

Under a joint tenancy arrangement, ownership of the property is split 50/50. If one joint tenant dies, their share of the property is automatically passed to the other joint tenant regardless of what their will says.

Some key points about co-ownership:

  • A maximum of two loan facilities per security are allowed – each loan can have multiple borrowers
  • All borrowers must be owners of the property
  • All applicants must be able to prove serviceability for their loan amount
  • The loans can be for different loan amounts, different loan types, durations and payment structures
  • Each applicant must guarantee each loan, for security purposes only
  • The property can be used for owner occupier or investment; applicants can have different purposes, i.e. one is the investor and one the owner occupier

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