Owners Corporation Meetings

Owners Corporation meetings can sometimes be a complex forum with many considerations. We’ve put together our tips and advice from a track record of smooth and successful meetings.

Our Commitment to Safety and Harmony

The wellbeing of committee members and staff is our priority. It is our duty to provide and maintain a safe environment that is free from unacceptable, unwanted and discriminatory behaviour.

Owners Corporation committee members have a duty to act on behalf of and for the betterment of all lot owners. In our experience, those who are accepting, open and respectful help ensure positive resolutions and a successful meeting.

Meeting Location

Melcorp Strata is centrally located in the CBD and has excellent facilities – including meeting and conference rooms that can accommodate up to 200 people. If for some reason we are unable to hold meetings within our facilities, our team will nominate a suitable public space that maintains our commitment to safety, accessibility and high-quality.

Meeting Etiquette

We are regularly asked about how the meetings are conducted. Here are some simple guidelines to follow for a robust and respectful meeting:


What to do:
  • When speaking for or against a particular motion, limit statements to a maximum of five minutes.
  • Each person speaks once on each motion.
  • Each speaker raises their hand and waits for the chair to acknowledge the speaker.
  • Matters not on notice are to be raised in General Business.
  • Be flexible and gracious in agreeing on solutions.
  • Include rational and constructive comments and solutions.
What not to do:
  • Shout or lose your temper – we encourage a moderate and calm discussion.
  • Use too many gestures, as they can appear aggressive.
  • Dominate the discussion, or prevent others from contributing.