Creating communities for new developments

Melcorp Strata work hand in hand with developers to ensure the seamless transformation of a development from bricks and mortar into a thriving community.

Design Review

Reducing the risk of inefficiencies

We can assist in reducing the risk of inefficiencies and frustrations occurring post-settlement by conducting a detailed review of your building’s architectural designs and services. We have established and managed many large, complex owners corporations in Melbourne and can share our learnings with you on all areas from security and concierge services through to waste management and services access.
Budget Preperation

Close collaboration to ensure accurate fees

We will work in close collaboration with you to develop a budget that efficiently services and maintains your development in an as new condition. It is our aim to strike the perfect balance of realistic costs and value for money to ensure that fees are no barrier to entry.
Diana Lvova
“Melcorp Strata take a professional, individualised and personable approach to OC Management. They establish frequent, immediate and clear lines of communication and eagerly work with us to promote technological innovation for our developments.”
Diana Lvova
CEO & Managing Partner, One World Group
Building Management

Managing the servicing and upkeep from day one.

In the lead up to handover, Melcorp Strata will be instrumental in the establishment of seamless building management services. We will instruct and provide advice on how to best manage the building, inclusive of any concierge services, the appointment of building managers and any other relevant service contractors.

Seamless transition between parties

Our focus at this crucial stage is to facilitate a smooth transition to the building’s new owners and ensure new residents can move into the building in a safe and orderly process. At this stage we will provide or manage the delivery of the following (if applicable, based on the buildings specific needs):

  • Owners corporation rules and regulations
  • Comprehensive moving-in guides
  • A building specific portal
  • Tenders for contractors and services
  • Appointment of a building manager
  • Building and services maintenance systems

Owners Corporation Meeting Behaviors

Owners Corporation meetings can often be a complex situation to manage. Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and trouble free process.

Request a proposal

If you would like a personalised proposal detailing how we can assist you with your owners corporation management requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.