Melcorp Leases Out Royal Elizabeth In Record Time


Melcorp Real Estate are thrilled to have successfully leased out, in record time, all properties under management within PDG's latest residential development, Royal Elizabeth.


What we achieved:
- Management of almost every rental property within the tower
- Tenants secured for all properties in record time
- Higher rental returns than any other agent

How we did it
- Extensive knowledge of the building and the local market
- Access to a large database of quality tenants
- On-site presence to coordinate a smooth process for opens and settlements.

Thank you to all of our valued Royal Elizabeth clients, if you have been happy with our service we ask you to tell your friends, colleagues and family.

Melcorp have been fortunate enough to work closely with many clients within Royal Elizabeth, so if you are interested in either renting out an apartment, or are considering purchasing in this area, please contact us to find out availability within the tower.



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