Melbourne's TOP 3 Property Managers


Melcorp’s Property Managers fill up the podium with the top 3 positions. As reported on, the top 3 property managers in Melbourne’s CBD are our very own, Clarisa, Tono and Charlotte. We interviewed these industry leading property managers and asked them a few questions about their role and the industry.


1. What do you describe as a perfect day in PM? 

Charlotte: When no one sets their kitchen on fire and all my tenants have paid their rent.

Clarisa: When you get good feedback from owners/tenants; tenants left the property in good condition and I can refund the full bond.

Tono: When: tenants have paid all rents; there are no complains or maintenance required; all properties are leased; and the landlords are sending you ‘thank you’ emails. An exceptionally perfect day is when a building manager does not call you for any incidents.


2. What are the most Stressful aspects of your job?

Charlotte: The fact that you are dealing with peoples’ investments, money and homes.

Clarisa: Being the middle person between landlord and tenant is not always easy, it is stressful especially when miscommunication and misperception happens


3. What is the difference between an average and a great property manager?

 Charlotte: Organisation! It is the key to being a great property manager! Post-it notes are my best friend!

Clarisa: Great property managers are able to gain trust from owner/tenant more easily. Once they trust you, your life will be much easier.

Tono: A great PM needs to have good communication skills, understands the Acts, good problem solving skills and be able to act and make decisions systematically.


4. What type of property makes a good investment?

 Charlotte: When a property that is well maintained, it will always attracts better quality tenants and will lease a lot quicker!

Tono: Well maintained, good facilities and above all location, location, location!



5. What advice would you give aspiring property managers?

 Charlotte: Make sure you know the Tenancy Act and always write everything down!

Clarisa: You will never be able satisfy everyone but at least you try your best to do the right thing.


6. When did you first join the PM Industry?

Charlotte: I first experienced property management when I started as a PM assistant in 2011.

Tono: I started as a sales agent in 2010 when a friend started their agency, then moved into PM in 2013 to grow their portfolio from ground up.


7. Why did you join the PM industry?

Charlotte: I loved property and wanted to change industries, after working in fashion.

Tono: I left Engineering, and moved into real estate, to explore other passions and future career.


8. What where you doing before PM?

Charlotte: I completed a course in Product Development and Merchandising at University, whilst I worked in retail and as a buying assistant.

Clarisa: I completed a Bachelor of Science at Sydney University and a Master of Food Science at Melbourne University. PM was my first full-time job after University, as I was having a challenging time to get my first job outside my study area.

Tono: I was in automotive engineering.



9. What do you enjoy most out of your job?

 Clarisa: To be able learn and utilise my problem-solving skills, to be creative in facing different challenges and things that come up every day, to see landlords/tenants appreciate my work.

Tono: Meeting different interesting people and help others meeting their needs in property.


10. What would you be doing if you weren’t in the PM industry?

 Charlotte: Starting my own fashion label.

Clarisa: Becoming a florist.

Tono: Be a part time photographer and videographer for local agents.



*Results reported from during August- September 2017 based on individual property managers performance and excluding companies. 

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