Melbourne Design Week 2018


Melbourne Design Week is about to begin and will run for eleven days, from the 15th to the 25th of March, 2018. With over 160 showcases and lectures to enjoy, this highly anticipated event is an amazing way for lovers of design to stay on the leading edge.

Presented by the National Gallery of Victoria and Creative Victoria, the event celebrates design through numerous exhibits, talks and workshops across Melbourne. A full range of disciplines are covered – architecture, interior, industrial, digital, fashion and more – with a focus on the future.

‘As we are entering an unprecedented period of urbanisation, digitisation, social and ecological transformation, the influence and potential of design accelerates. Is it accelerating in the right directions? What is next?

Melbourne Design Week provides an opportunity for Victoria’s design community to come together, to discuss some of these questions.’
- Tony Ellwood

Director, National Gallery Victoria 

2018 theme: Design Effects 

2018 is the second year of Melbourne Design Week, which was launched in 2017 as a four-year collaborative effort to highlight Melbourne’s place in the greater global design community.

Design Effects explores the ubiquity of design and the effect it has on the world around us, how it affects change and how it influences our lives.

Design, as a greater discipline, encompasses ingenuity, problem solving and a drive to improve. How we work, use resources, consume content, feel, travel, and live – all of these things are improved by design.

That’s why design thinking is crucial for mapping out futures; it seeks to address challenges with intellect, creativity and a dedication to enhancing human existence and experiences.

Design and style

As an interior designer, I’m concerned with function as well as form. How will a space serve its occupants in their day-to-day life? How do we move through it, relax in it and use it at all hours? How do we turn it into a home? Style isn’t just about looks – it’s a way we operate.

Fashion design retains and complements motion while presenting a fresh appearance. Industrial design provides a more efficient – and beautiful – way of doing things. Interior design helps people live life to the fullest in an environment they resonate with.

Design principles are shared across many disciplines, making events like Melbourne Design Week powerful for those seeking inspiration and insights from great minds operating in other fields. This cross pollination of thought reinforces the Design Effects theme by showing how design’s reach extends into our creative processes as well as out to the world.


Diverse offerings & locations

Melbourne Design Week is a collection of different types of events spread across the city at different venues. Planning a day out to view multiple exhibits and talks creates a diverse tour of some of the city’s most exciting places:

  • Galleries
  • Showrooms
  • Markets
  • Pubs
  • Museums
  • Studio spaces
  • Shops
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Pop-up venues

A few of the events I’m most looking forward to are:

  • Neri Oxman’s Vesper Series, presented by NGV – A high tech exploration of the human condition via masks that were designed with the Mediated Matter Group at MIT. 
  • Melbourne Art Book Fair Symposium: The Future Lasts Only a Moment – An exposition on the role of verbal, visual and spatial languages in the formation of cities. 
  • Denfair Design Loop – An exploration of design and materials by the organisers of Melbourne’s boutique design tradeshow.  
  • VR 101: Design Principles for Virtual Worlds presented by Academy Xi – An introduction to virtual and mixed reality design.  
  • Pezo Von Ellrichshausen – Insights into a globally renowned art and architecture studio’s creative philosophy and approach. 

Committed to design

Our dedication to the greater discipline reinforces Melbourne’s global position as a vital hub of art and design.

‘This year’s event will consider how design affects our people, environment, services, culture and economy – and its role as a catalyst for change.

In a world of advanced technology, globalisation, digitalisation and environmental change, our expectations and values are constantly being challenged and redefined.’
- Martin Foley
Minister for Creative Industries 

Design is innovation, creativity, problem solving and lifestyle. It informs culture and how we take on difficult problems as a society.

Melbourne’s commitment to design is a pledge to its people and a promise for a functional, sustainable future.


Feature image: Meizai,  photo courtesy of Denfair : Image 2: Shiavello, photo courtesy of Denfair: Image 3: Gallery Chair, Chris Connell, Installation view NGV Triennial-  photo courtesy of Eugene Hyland. Image 4: Virtual Reality courtesy of Drew Graham : Image 5: Poli House, Coliumo Peninsula, Chile, Pezo von Ellrichshausen




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