Breaking Records for Melbourne Property Management


300 in 3 months. We don’t mean to toot our own horn but that’s three properties leased per day, a great achievement by our leasing specialists.

Our property management team pride ourselves on delivering a better service than our competitors. To do that, we ensure we have an extensive team to deliver a more personal service to you as the landlord, and ensure your property is maintained to the highest standard.

This not only means that we closely monitor that rent is paid on time every month but we also check that the tenant we have carefully selected is taking care of your investment property. Now this might seem only right that a property manager will inspect a landlord’s greatest asset, but you will be shocked as to how many property managers do not have the means nor the time to check on their own portfolio. Yes, it sounds horrible but often inner-city property managers who know their landlords might never see their investment, will not take the time to ensure their investment is performing and being taken care of properly.

To provide an extra level of service to our landlords, Melcorp Real Estate are one of the only inner Melbourne real estate agencies who employ a dedicated Routine Inspections Officer. This means one of our agents will complete a regular check of the maintenance and upkeep of your investment.

We recognise that a well-maintained property will hold its value and therefore deliver better returns. Having this dedicated Routine Inspections officer role working in tandem with your own property manager means that your investment is in the best of hands. This also means that your property manager will have more time to service your needs as a landlord, by looking at ways to create wealth through your investment portfolio. This is just one of the ways Melcorp Real Estate can assist you to be a well-informed landlord.

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