Good signs for the property market


The downturn in the share market both here and in China has the potential to drive more people into the property market, increasing demand for real estate in Melbourne. Not only that, but growing rental demand and the upcoming start of a new University semester provide great opportunity for property investors and those looking to sell.

Historically a downturn in the share market sees a lot of investors take their money out of the stock market and put it into property. This is likely to increase demand for real estate in Melbourne, in particular in the CBD and surrounding suburbs where rental yields are typically higher than in the middle and outer suburbs sitting at 4-6% compared to 2-4% respectively.

On top of that, investors looking to buy are likely to be buoyed by a very strong rental market, which will only get stronger with the start of the University semester now approaching. Strong rental demand is likely to reduce the time that an investor’s property sits on the market, in turn keeping their costs down and maximising the performance of the investment. This is likely to further increase investor activity in the property market and drive more interest in your property if you were to list it.

If you have thought about selling your property now is a great time to do so. This financial year our median sales price of $704,200 is $255,200 more than the CBD median1. We have a well-established database of investors and active buyers and a huge presence in the CBD with three offices in key locations.

We are currently conducting a number of property appraisals and would relish the opportunity to appraise yours.

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1 – Retrieved from on 18th January, 2016