Finding liveability in the worlds most liveable city

Melbourne has been voted the world’s most liveable city for the fifth consecutive year. But do many of us know what we should be looking for when finding a liveable home to buy or rent?

Liveability refers to the sum of the aspects that add up to the quality of life of a place. A liveable apartment therefore must offer a range of qualities that make your life better. Keep the follow key qualities in mind to help you choose a liveable apartment in the world’s most liveable city.

Enough space for you

There is not a set number of square meters that an apartment must be for it to liveable. However, your apartment must be spacious enough for you to be comfortable. Make sure when you are inspecting properties that you can imagine yourself living there, ensuring there is enough space for you and all of your belongings.

Local amenity

This is crucial to your way of life. If you think having local shopping, access to public transport, a nearby park and being near work or university isn’t important now, you certainly will once you move in. Convenience is key when choosing the right place to live. You must ensure that your new apartment offers a range of local amenity that will make your life easier over the time that you’re living there.

Natural light and ventilation

Having access to natural light throughout the day in living areas and bedrooms is vital. Look at apartments that offer floor-to-ceiling glazing as they help to maximise ventilation and natural light to living areas. Natural light and ventilation not only add to the liveability of your apartment but will also help to maintain its value into the future.

Lasting value

If you are looking to buy it is important to do your research. Reading a few news headlines is not research, so be sure to find out what the average capital gains in a building are, what the current vacancy rates are, who is managing the upkeep of the building, what the demographic of residents is and investigate the buildings level of amenity to see if it appeals to your lifestyle. This information will give you the biggest insight into who is living in the building and if they like it, helping you make a sound decision on whether or not the apartment is truly liveable.

Melcorp only list properties in Melbourne’s best residential towers. We have a range of apartments that are currently available for sale and rent in the CBD and inner suburbs that all offer these key qualities.

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